Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Get the EDGE

With all that summer fun you have had, not it is time to get back to it. Your yard is waiting for you. Get out there and prepare for next year. Begin with setting the boundaries to your vision with beautiful concrete landscape borders.

Your plan:
  1. Map out your vision (lay out all of those photos you have saved over the years and assemble the pieces to your dreams).
  2.  Yard prep - clean out the clutter 
  3. Begin with the basics- put in your borders and edging to give your yard the feel you desire
  4. Prepare your garden beds 
  5. Fill in your grass where you may have been a little rough with it
  6. Insert any yard decorations you wish to add accents with
You are now ready for spring.

Once spring hits get to work planting those flowers and trimming the shrubs, trees, and manicure your lawn.

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