Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CURB APPEAL for Your Home

  • Are you looking for ways to set your home apart from your neighbors?
  • Are you constantly trying to make your yard look better?
  • Are you tired of looking at that same old ugly yard?
  • Have you seen a yard you want yours to look like?

If you answered yes, you are ready to give your home/yard that long awaited make over!!
Take your yard from this                                                       
                                                                            To This!

Every spring millions of people head outside to find their yard overgrown and lacking that spark that gives them excitement about being outside and enjoying their front or backyard. Most people try to add something to their yard to give it better curb appeal, and many times its something that breaks down and looks dull or grey after a year or two.

If that is you, consider adding permanent beautifying borders, made from concrete, which keep looking great year after year. If you have considered concrete borders before and thought it would be too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised. Concrete edging per linear foot, compared to plastic or wood borders over time, factoring in self installation, maintenance, and cost of supplies, ends up being very comparable. Concrete curbing can be installed in many different shapes and sizes. AND now with concrete coloring, you can have your edging installed in a variety of colors too!

Advantages of permanent concrete edging or borders:
  1. Provides structure and elegance to your yard above any other product
  2. Doesn't break down due to the elements and lawn maintenance
  3. Doesn't get squashed down and dissapear 
  4. Because of the width and height of the concrete edging it is hard to get overgrown
  5. Unlike stone, bricks, or blocks creative concrete borders stay put and don't get kicked around
  6. Concrete curbing lasts a lifetime
  7. Gives your yard that well defined border that keeps everything in it's place
  8. Concrete borders can help keep people and vehicles off sensitive landscape areas
  9. Most effective root barrier over any other product
  10. Design flexibility give that softening look to your yard landscape project
So before you consider any other product to give your yard just the right look, remember there is only one way to get great CURB appeal- Creative Concrete Edging and Borders!

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